Home Staging


Home staging is a technique for optimizing the sales of apartments or houses, improving their appearance in photos and/or live. A strategy that goes far beyond interior design, it is in fact a marketing technique to make a property more salable, transforming even the ugliest apartment into a dream home.

In many cases, it is the real estate agency that offers this service to its customers to increase the probability of a sale.

Only a professional in the sector can understand the potential of an apartment in bad condition, easily imagining how it could become with a general arrangement and fine-tuning of all areas of the property.

How does Home Staging work with Sardimmodesign?

It is mainly a decoration operation, no walls are moved, the structure of the building is not changed, it is artfully decorated, with a fresh and modern, unobtrusive style that can reflect everyone's tastes. However, the decoration can lead to a complete make over of the apartment or house, changing the colors of the rooms, adding mirrors, lights, to reach an excellent level, if done by a professional. It's not enough to make the beds or add flowers to the table.

A good Home Staging starts with the planning of the spaces.

Sardimmodesign always manages to improve the appearance and above all the value of the properties that are offered for sale. The Italian Home Stager association gives the following definition:


Home Staging is the perfect marketing because it begins with an analysis process and ends with the promotion or, in the best case, sale of the property. Home Staging always has the aim of communicating a higher value of a property than which the initial sale was closed. The initial analysis, which is essential, does not only refer to the interior of the building, the dimensions and layouts, it also includes an analysis of the neighborhood, the services, the evaluation of the building and the reference target in the area.

In the Home Staging strategy and development phase we always try to minimize the defects of the environment and enhance its merits through Interior design techniques that can make the property appear larger, brighter and in any case with improvement actions compared to in the state it was in at the time of the sale.

We can provide extra services to the sale of the property, such as to make it more interesting to customers with a Home Staging. The extra service consists in the implementation of targeted interventions, such as:

  1. Home Staging intervention before the photographer who will take high resolution photos;
    Note: The customer who arrives for the visit will not find the house as shown in the photos published on the site. If the same decides to transform the house as shown in the photo, it can be done with additional costs that will be agreed with the buyer or even with the seller if he wishes to transform it before the sale;
  2. Do it yourself: We provide you with a detailed list of materials and color paints to buy, where to paint them, where to place the furniture and any decorations to insert;
  3. Do you just want Soft Staging? Soft staging is all about preparing your home for display without using or buying furniture. We help you find a most suitable concept to make your property more attractive. Purchasing the most suitable decoration and color for you.
  4. Do you want the complete Home Staging package? Come and visit us in our offices and one of our representatives will give you a quote suited to your needs.
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