Off Market

Discreet brokerage of real estate

Off-market real estate in Sardinia is in great demand and requires a high degree of discretion and good contacts.

Are you looking for a property in Sardinia that is not publicly offered for sale?

This line of business has been an integral part of our company for several years. We do not publicly market all of our off-market properties in Sardinia, but rather offer them for sale to targeted investors.

Sellers thus reach more serious buyers for their property, which in turn increases the probability of purchase. You as the buyer, on the other hand, have more time to inspect the property.

We can offer you the following properties in the off-market area on Sardinia:

  • apartment buildings
  • villas by the sea
  • income properties
  • Hotels, B&Bs, country hotels
  • beachfront properties
  • much more

If you are discreetly selling your property in Sardinia or if you would like to invest, we will be happy to support you with our network.

Leave us a search request or contact us directly.

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