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All new connections and transfers of electricity, water and TARI to be agreed separately.


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Questions we answer every day about buying a property in Sardinia. Below we have summarized the most important questions that arise before buying a property in Sardinia. This saves us a lot of time on the phone or on site, so that we can go into more detail about you and your dream property.

How do I buy a house in Sardinia?

Many people dream of real estate abroad. Whether as an investment property, as a retirement home, or as a holiday home. There is enough of a large selection of houses or apartments on site.

Most of the time it fails because of having to enter "unfamiliar" territory, in the truest sense of the word, or because of the fear of being "cheated". The language barrier is another criterion.

Overcome language barriers with us and benefit from an already existing network of architects, lawyers and notaries.

We are your locals.

Are there any requirements for buying a property in Italy?

Yes, there are.

The most important requirement is the codice fiscale, with which the journey begins.

Where can I get a codice fiscale?

For a purchase in Italy you need an Italian tax number (codice fiscale), which you can apply for at a nearby Italian consulate. This number consists of name, date of birth and place of birth. It is required here for any type of contract and is used for identification.

How does the purchase process work?

Buying a property in Italy is similar tan in the rest of europe.. Here, too, a notary appointment is made and your property will entered in the cadastral office. But there are some small differences that should not be underestimated.

We would like to explain to you below what these are:

As already mentioned, a codice fiscale.

It is customary here for a preliminary contract (preliminare) to be concluded. In Italia this is a legal document. Usually 10-20% of the total price is paid here. You should have this prepared by a notary or a lawyer you trust. The broker's commission is also due here.

For other ongoing bills that may arise, for example, from buying a house, it makes sense to open a bank account after receiving the fiscal code in order to complete the house, pay taxes, etc. You cannot pay some bills with a foreign account.

A good agent will inspect the house, apartment or property to the best of his ability. A detailed examination can be carried out in consultation with a lawyer and architect. Price based on effort.

What additional costs are incurred when buying a property?

Please leave any costs incurred such as:

  • Taxes (4% for primary residence, 9% for secondary residence),
  • Registration/ cadastral fees (+ stamps worth approx. €700),
  • Costs for a preliminary contract notary fees broker commission not disregard.

These fees are also part of the “big picture”. It also makes a difference whether you buy from a private individual or a company. Purchasing through a builder is significantly more expensive due to the VAT of 10% incurred. However, you have an additional 10-year guarantee on your house/apartment.

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