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Angela Farris

Angela Farris


My origins are half Sardinian and half German. So I have a particular bond with Sardinia, with the Sardinian culture, language, customs and traditions.

After training as a wholesaler abroad, I worked for many years in sales in Germany, where I was able to use and implement my organizational skills. After assisting my parents in the sale of private properties in Sardinia, I noticed an affinity with the real estate sector and I decided to train professionally as a real estate agent, graduating from the German chamber of commerce. In order to put my skills into practice in Italy, I attended a special training course with which I obtained the recognition of the M.I.S.E. of my qualification as a real estate agent.

I work on the Sardinian market in a targeted and results-oriented way. Furthermore, I collaborate with various agencies at national and international level. I have an excellent knowledge of the real estate market in Sardinia.




Interior design, room planning, color consultancy, home staging.

He has a good intuition in matching colors and the interaction of various elements. Let him advise you to get more sales opportunities.



Our agency makes use of a legal adviser with extensive experience in the sector and knowledge of local customs. The purchase of a real estate property in Sardinia must be followed carefully in order not to run into dubious legal situations. For this reason, the consultant takes care of legally analyzing the property to be purchased and, only after a positive opinion, proceeds to the compilation of a preliminary sales contract with subsequent assistance up to the definitive deed of purchase or sale before the notary in charge . This means: buying and selling in complete safety and peace of mind.

Our consultant is also an expert in civil and commercial mediation for the peaceful resolution of disputes and disputes and is currently mandatory with regard to: condominium; real rights; division, and hereditary successions; family pacts; lease; loan; business leasing; damage from medical and health liability; damage from defamation in the press or other means of publicity; insurance, banking and financial contracts.

Our philosophy is absolutely simple:

Every customer, big or small, is at the center of our attention with all his wishes and needs and is advised with respect and competence.

For us it is important to provide a complete service in total transparency. All our customers always have a contact person on site who takes care of them up to the appointment with the notary.

The intermediation of a high quality property in Sardinia must be characterized by a high degree of seriousness. As a real estate agency, we have extensive experience in this regard and the necessary skills to broker attractive houses and affordable apartments on well-located plots of land. More and more customers decide to buy a property in Sardinia to enjoy the natural beauty that the island offers, with particular attention to the sea view. In this context, not only a typical villa but also a traditional farmhouse can be purchased as a luxury property. In addition to the benefit of a second residence, a property is also a sensible investment for later renting or reselling. Thanks to the extensive expertise, high-quality properties are also brokered, which are equipped with a holiday home or even several villas. In this context, especially luxury villas are often intermediated, as the interested parties attach particular value to quality and elegance.

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